Hardy County Child Care Center

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Child Development

Toys and Articles to Share

Frequently, children want to bring toys to daycare. For several reasons, we discourage this practice. Activities are planned for children, and toys from home tend to get in the way of children participating in daycare experiences. Sometimes, items are lost or broken and this is disappointing to the child. They sometimes have trouble understanding why the other children want to share the “special” toy. You can bring something for them to sleep with if the child insists, but only under the understanding that the item will be put into their cubby until nap time and put back in after nap time. We do plan special days for sharing special toys such as “Show and Tell”. We ask that if your child brings a video to share with his or her class that it be rated “G” making sure it is appropriate for his/her age group.

Diaper Changing & Toileting Policy

All children are checked and diapers changed as needed. A record of this is given to each and every parent at the end of every day. We consider toilet training to be an important milestone in your child's life and therefore are excited to work with you to accomplish positive results upon your request. Our toilet training form is available at the front sign-in desk. Please feel free to stop by and discuss all our options with any of our staff.

Creative Curriculum

One of our goals are to provide a great foundation for all our children. We feel this foundation begins with the Creative Curriculum, from Teaching Strategies, which is learning through play. This is also the curriculum that is being used in all West Virginia Pre-K programs. Our staff have been trained and have been using the Creative Curriculum for many years with all of the children in our center.

Child Assessment Policy

Children are assessed biannually according to the standards of the Creative Curriculum. The purpose of these evaluations are to support and improve children learning, measure and track progress, and evaluate our program's objectives. These assessments are offered for the parents review at the bi-annual parent teach conferences. Parents may also request assessments results at any time or request assessments to address concerns. Assessments for the pre-kindergarten classes are recorded online as part of the Creative Curriculum and in accordance with the West Virginia guidelines for the pre-kindergarten classes held in collaboration with the Hardy County Board of Education and in according the West Virginia Learning Standards Framework. All other assessments are recorded and kept with each individual child's records.

The assessments aid us in curriculum planning as well as identifying strengths, needs, and learning styles of each child. These assessments are offered for the parents review at the parent-teacher conferences. Children in our center may have assessments done at the request of their parents or guardian.

Outdoor Play

All children are required to play outdoors for an hour each day, weather permitting. We require that your child come dressed appropriately for outdoor play. The only exception is a doctor's medical statement noting the reason for the restriction, and dates when outdoor play may return. Outdoor play is essential in building physical fitness and developing group play. Children play outdoors every day unless it is raining or very cold (less than 40°) and should be dressed appropriately for the weather.

As a safety precaution, we recommend appropriate shoes for playing. (This means no flip flops please.)