Hardy County Child Care Center

1989 State Road 55
Moorefield, West Virginia 26826
Phone: (304) 434-7353
Fax: (304) 434-2069
E-Mail: hccc@hardynet.com


Hardy County Child Care Center reserves the right to terminate services to a family under the following conditions:

  • Your child's account becomes more than two weeks over due.
  • Your child's behavioral pattern threatens their own, or other children or staff, health and or safety.
  • Your child is not attending, and you have not paid to hold his/her spot for one week.
  • We also reserve the right to deny a child admission into the center.
  • We reserve the right to remove your child if his/her behavior has become consistently disruptive.
  • We reserve the right to remove your child from his/her classroom and have the parent pick him/her up.

Behavior Management

The purpose of all behavior management at Hardy County Child Care Center is to help the children become increasingly self-managing and responsible. Only positive, non-punitive methods are used in the pursuit of this goal. Discipline is directed towards improving the child’s understanding of:

  • Social expectations,
  • Appropriate ways of behaving in given situations,
  • Causes and effects of the feelings and actions which he/she and others experience.
  • Helping children constructively express their feelings and frustrations to resolve conflict.
  • Modeling and redirecting children toward acceptable behavior.
  • Providing positively worded directions with reasons for limits.
  • A teacher may physically remove or hold a child to prevent the child from injuring themselves, other children or another employee.

The Hardy County Child Care Center staff is committed to helping children be educated for life in a democratic rather than authoritarian society. Respect for responsibility is a foundation of democracy. Therefore, helping each child become increasingly self-directing, mutually responsible with others, as well as learning awareness of right and wrong is an ongoing responsibility of our teaching staff.

Physical punishment of a child is forbidden at Hardy County Child Care Center. We rely on the techniques of diverting attention to constructive pursuits, compromising/arbitrating differences, expanding understanding from the environment in which he/she is distressed and assisting him/her to regain his/her self control (time out). We depend on the partnership between parents and teachers to make the advancement of the independence and honesty a real and functioning accomplishment.


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