Hardy County Child Care Center

1989 State Road 55
Moorefield, West Virginia 26826
Phone: (304) 434-7353
Fax: (304) 434-2069
E-Mail: hccc@hardynet.com

Child Assessment Policy

Children are assessed biannually according to the standards of the Creative Curriculum. The purpose of these evaluations are to support and improve children learning, measure and track progress, and evaluate our program's objectives. These assessments are offered for the parents review at the bi-annual parent teach conferences. Parents may also request assessments results at any time or request assessments to address concerns. Assessments for the pre-kindergarten classes are recorded online as part of the Creative Curriculum and in accordance with the West Virginia guidelines for the pre-kindergarten classes held in collaboration with the Hardy County Board of Education and in according the West Virginia Learning Standards Framework. All other assessments are recorded and kept with each individual child's records.

The assessments aid us in curriculum planning as well as identifying strengths, needs, and learning styles of each child. These assesments are offered for the parents review at the parent-teacher conferences. Children in our center may have assessments done at the request of their parents or guardian.


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