Hardy County Child Care Center

1989 State Road 55
Moorefield, West Virginia 26826
Phone: (304) 434-7353
Fax: (304) 434-2069
E-Mail: hccc@hardynet.com

Our Programs


We provide a loving infant program designed to meet each child's individual need. Stability and security are nurteredbetween each child and parent, and caregiver. A daily report is sent home with information concerning your child's activities, outside stroller rides, meals, and naps, diaper changes, and over all disposition. Sign language, as well as colorful pictures, stories, songs & finger plays and rhymes are shared.


Our toddler program is designed for soft play areas both in and outside. We have a large variety of equipment to enable toddlers to discover pull and push as well as climbing and a sense of self. Activities are selected to enhance your child's language, emotional, and intellectual growth. Sign language is taught to express feelings along with music, dance and lots of finger plays.


Our trained teachers develop a daily schedule and weekly lesson plans utilizing the Creative Curriculum. Each child is provided with this schedule. These children are provided with a large variety of appropriate experiences for the development of teh individal child. We provide an opportunity for individual self-expression in conversation, imaginative play and creativity.


We are in collaboration with the Hardy COunty Board of Education to provide Pre-K for the children in our center. We offer a Pre-K program with a qualified teacher, and aids with may years of training and experience. Our Pre-K class is on the same schedule as the Hardy County Schools. This program is free to all children.

We offer wrap around child care service for any children who are in need of care before and after Pre-K or school children's ages through third grade.

Before and After School Program

Hady County Child Care Center has an accommodating program for the parent that requires care for their childe before and after school. Transportation to and from school is available by school bus. Children are provided with light supper upon arriving to our center after school. THey are then assisted with homework if needed. If home work is not needed they are provided with many different choices in activities both inside and out. We also provide care on day's school is not in session, early dismissals, as well as through the summer.

Summer Program

Our summer program is always a treat for our children as we offer a wide variety of quality interests such as: around the world, our United States, the solar system, growing a garden, making treats, and water play, are just to name a few. Children in Pre-K through third grade experience choices taught through respect, and character. Social skills are incorporated in our curriculum where children are taught through play.

We provide respect for each child as an individual, allowing for choice of activities and interests.


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