Hardy County Child Care Center

1989 State Road 55
Moorefield, West Virginia 26826
Phone: (304) 434-7353
Fax: (304) 434-2069
E-Mail: hccc@hardynet.com

Help Your Child Adjust

We encourage you to visit our center with your child prior to his/her enrollment. If the parent is unable to do so, a relative or neighbor is acceptable.

Some children have difficulty separating from their parents in the morning. We have found that parting comments such as “I’ll pick you up right after nap-time” or “you can tell me about your day when we get home”. We find this is more desirable than “Mommy doesn’t want to leave you, but I just have to go to work!” Please feel free at any time to call the center if you have a concern about your child.

It has been our experience that parents who have mixed or negative feelings about enrolling their child in a program such as ours, sometimes communicates (often nonverbally) these feelings to the child, resulting in problems of separation anxiety and adjustment. Please speak to your child’s teacher about these feelings, and try to convey a positive, “matter of fact” attitude about the daily separation.



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