Hardy County Child Care Center

1989 State Road 55
Moorefield, West Virginia 26826
Phone: (304) 434-7353
Fax: (304) 434-2069
E-Mail: hccc@hardynet.com

Parent Participation Policy

Check-in for child -

  • Escort the child into the center.
  • Assist the child in hanging up his/her coat and putting belongings away.
  • Notify a member of the teaching staff of the child's presence.
  • Insure the child's comfort.
  • Fill out the sign-in sheet. 

Please remember that we cannot be responsible for any child who is not properly checked into the center. This is also the way we know who is here in case of a center emergency.

Check-out for child -

  • Upon arrival to pick up your child, please assist him/her with putting on his/her coat and collecting belongings.
  • Notify teaching staff that you are taking your child.
  • Record the time the child leaves the center on the sign-out sheet.
  • Cubbies and mailboxes are located in each classroom. Please check your child’s mailbox or cubby daily for receipts, notices, and daily reports that contain information on your child’s day. 

Parent Conferences - Conferences are scheduled twice a year and help the parent and teacher to communicate and share in the child’s progress. There need not be a problem situation for you to request a conference. Parents are encouraged to have a conference at any time convenient with both the staff and the parent about the child, so that they might both be better able to understand the child and his/her needs. Conferences may be set up by contacting the director.

Parent Participation -Meetings are held throughout the year and are designed to share information about goals and objectives of the center as well as provide social interaction between parents and center staff. Parents are encouraged to help in developing topics of interest.

  • Occasionally we ask for materials for personal crafts. We will put a date when the craft will be done on the matieral request paper.
  • Parents must keep child's information on file at the center current and correct.
  • Parents or designated individuals must bring the child inside the center to a staff member and sign in/out each day.
  • Parents must notify the director in writing, if for any reason, a person other than thos authorized will be picking up the child.
  • If your child will be absent, we aske parents to please; phone the office before 7:00 A.M. so that the staff may plan accordingly.
  • Parents should provide time for their chidren to share the activities of the day. This will encourage communication with the familymembers as the childe develops.
  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their child's room, and participate in any or all special projects. 

Parent Concerns - The Hardy County Child Care Center has a procedure for parents to communicate concerns or issues about their children to the director. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Make an appointment with the director to share your concerns/issues.
  2. Director will meet with family and offer possible solutions.
  3. If solutions are not acceptable and concern is not resolved, director will begin a grievance procedure with his/her supervisor, parent, and director. 

Updated Contact Information

It is very important to keep the center updated on daily contact information in the event that your child becomes sick or has some type of emergency that reuires you to be contacted.

Hardy County Child Care Center will not tolerate any form of harassment.


  • There are no current reminders at this time.
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